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Do you have questions about compounding?
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What is Compounding?

Simply stated: compounding is the practice of formulating a unique medication to meet an individual patient’s specific needs.

Why a compounded medication?

Allergies and intolerances of the binders, fillers, dyes or other additives in mass-produced medications.

At VPI we can compound these medications without those additives.

People are unique and require individualized medication strengths that cannot be found with commercially available medications. We can make a medication with the correct strength to fit your personal health profile.

Compounded medications are custom made. They can be made preservative and lactose free. Adding custom flavoring is an option to “make the medicine go down” a bit easier.

We use dye free, vegan capsules

Unavailable and Discontinued Medicine

Big pharmaceutical companies will stop making a medication if it is no longer profitable for them, even when that medication is in high demand.

We can order the necessary ingredients and make medications no longer commercially available. If your medication is no longer available, contact us!

Writing a Compounded Prescription

Physicians: Please see the form below for information required for a compounded prescription.

Please feel free to contact us to consult with our pharmacist if you have any questions.

VPI Compounding

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